The latest collection for the blue turquoise lover

The creation of this collection has spanned a few months of ups and downs for me. Motherhood, personal inquiry, business challenges and tragedy across the globe have all brought me to my knees more than once. Making jewelry is inextricably tied up in who I am as a person, so the creation process is affected by whatever is affecting me. This collection represents a strand of consistency I was able to maintain in spite of whatever else was going on. Working little by little on each of these pieces and bringing brand new designs from my imagination in to life was healing. I hope these vibrant blue stones and the silver that holds them brings some beauty, lightness and joy to you.

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Words from Erika

My wish is for my jewelry to carry significance that allows you to connect to yourself and illuminate and share an aspect of your beauty. The ways we present ourselves to the world can be influenced by the ways we decorate our bodies. Putting on jewelry that calls to you is choosing to express a little bit of who you are. I create pleasing shapes out of timeless metals and stones meant to impart a sense of strength and grace. Through the power of simplicity, the softness of a curve and the steadiness of a line, clean, elegant and bold designs emerge. May you wear this jewelry with confidence and delight.