I believe in jewelry’s ability to empower.

My wish is for my jewelry to carry significance that allows you to connect to yourself and illuminate and share an aspect of your beauty. The ways we present ourselves to the world can be influenced by the ways we decorate our bodies. Putting on jewelry that calls to you is choosing to express a little bit of who you are. I create pleasing shapes out of timeless metals and stones meant to impart a sense of strength and grace. Through the power of simplicity, the softness of a curve and the steadiness of a line, clean, elegant and bold designs emerge.

I hope my jewelry is worn with confidence and delight.  

xo, erika rose

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Fresh start Mondays and the perfect summer earrings

Fresh start Mondays and the perfect summer earrings

On this Monday I am wishing you all an excellent week! Monday's always feel fresh, like a new start to all those projects I didn't quite finish la...
handmade bohemian earrings with druzy quartz and silver

New designs with new details

Sometimes a new detail inspires a wave of designs. Here are two of the newest pieces in the online shop with a stamped scallop motif that I recent...

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