Hi! I'm Erika.

I am the woman behind Lumenrose Jewelry. After falling in love with turquoise while working at a Bay Area jewelry gallery and trading post in college, I took my first metalsmithing class in San Francisco in 2009. A couple years and two more classes later I was able to close my eyes and picture all the tools I needed at my bench. That was when I knew I was ready to set up a studio of my own. Since then, I've had a small bench set up in every home I've lived in, which is many! 

I love the way that a hard, durable material can be turned into something that appears delicate, soft and luminous. I make everything from start to finish with the utmost attention to the craftswomanship of each piece.

Finding and selecting the most unique and eye-catching stones from sustainable sources is one of my all time favorite parts of the job.

May you wear your jewelry with confidence and delight.

I care deeply about social and racial justice. As a mixed race Chinese and German person I am often situated in an ambiguous or unique (depending how you see it) role when it comes to addressing white supremacy and institutional racism. I am committed to doing what I can with my white-adjacent privilege when it comes to fighting for the rights of oppressed communities. I periodically create special designs, the sales of which I donate to organizations doing important work to uplift Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities. This blog post outlines ways that Lumenrose Jewelry is trying to make little bit of a difference. I am committed to monthly donations to the organizations listed here. I spotlight a BIPOC jewelry artist a few times a year on my blog.

In 2019 my partner Ben and I built a small straw bale house in beautiful, rural Southern Arizona. It's 100% off-grid solar-powered. I had my workbench set up in the house, but before our daughter was born we built a tiny, stand-alone straw bale studio where all Lumenrose Jewelry is now made. See these Instagram highlights for the whole building process. I'm happy to share more if any of you are curious about this endeavor. Just send me an email.