Classic made-to-order designs

Since early January my workbench and tools have been packed away so my partner and I can finish building the new Lumenrose Jewelry studio. So while I'm going slightly crazy from not being able to make the new ideas in my head, I actually can still make a few of my classic designs: The LUV Heart Hoops, Wishbone Earrings and Hammered Hoop Earrings. These just require a steel block, a couple hammers and some stamps. I can make them at the kitchen table!
Making earrings at the kitchen table
I've been making the Hearts and Wishbones for over 8 years and they are my top sellers at craft shows and all of my stockists. The Hammered Hoops are a newer addition, but also quite popular. They are super light, delicate and awesome for daily wear. 
Small silver hoop earrings
Wishbone earrings .
So while it'll be a minute (or a month or two) before I am back up and running with setting stones and soldering, each of these made-to-order designs are available in the shop, along with everything else that is in stock. 
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