For the love: notes on where inspiration comes from

My husband sometimes asks me about the inspiration behind a piece or a collection. Most of the time I tell him there isn’t anything in particular (!) other than I wanted to work with certain stones that I found beautiful.
Usually that’s it.
a hand holding 3 landscape jasper stones
On occasion a vision pops in my head for how to make a particular shape in silver or incorporate a new technique. Sometimes I do find myself inspired by the changing season or certain botanical elements found in the land around my studio. But usually I take a look at my stones, pick out some pretty ones and decide what to make from there. Creating jewelry for the love of the craft and the satisfaction of holding a wearable, lasting piece of art is why I do this.
I don’t tend to impart on my work much external meaning or symbolism. I believe people infuse whatever significance is right for them. You get to make your own meaning from the moment a piece speaks to you to each time you put it on and wear it as part of your story.
That I find steady inspiration from the materials and process itself means I hardly lose motivation to make jewelry. I’m not looking for my muse in anything other than the silver and stones at my workbench. So the inspiration behind your Lumenrose jewelry is likely nothing deep or profound. Instead it's something simple, grounded in the beauty of these metals and minerals from the earth, crafted with care and love. That is enough. 
erika wearing protective glasses and respirator looking at camera at her workbench
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I heart you.


Love reading about your motivation and inspiration. I sometimes call it the tickle in my tummy and the spring in my step!
xoxo (and love that photo!)

Rosemary T Mark

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