New earrings available today! (January 26)

This month has been full of packing, moving, projects, and unpacking. We finally moved to our straw bale house! I will give you the fullllll update in the next blog post (and you can get some more background here), but today I want to let you know that this month's shop update will take place today at 2pm MST, Sunday Jan 26 in the online shop.


It's small, as I haven't had any bench time since December. But there will be 5 new pairs of earrings, two of which are made-to-order, so they will always be in stock! Like these Liquid Silver Drop Dangle earrings, that go with EVERYTHING. No joke. Everything from sweat pants to formal wear. You can also find these at my stockists Mountain Sports Flagstaff, The Yoga Experiece, and PopCycle Shop!

the perfect silver drop dangle earrings

And these one-of-a-kinds will be available today: the most gorgeous, rich teal colored Sleeping Beauty turquoise studs set in 14k Goldfill.

sleeping beauty turquoise and gold stud earrings

Can't forget the Lumenrose Hoops! These are a cool forest green colored Sonoran Gold turquoise.

green turquoise hoop earrings

Find these and more earrings at 2p MST right here!

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