Delicate jewelry in a little silver and a little gold

New little jewels have arrived in the shop. Some are sparkly, some are gold (real 14k!), some are silvery and all are perfect for everyday wear. 
two gold necklace pendants, one is a pink faceted stone and the other is a dendritic agate stone
I'm loving these pendants that are sold sans chain so you can add them to your own chain along with whatever other charms you might have. 
a small, bright lavender colored turquoise ring
The color of this ring is unreal! Sometimes these Golden Hills turquoise stones are simply breathtaking. A mix of periwinkle, sky blue and earth. 
I haven't made my Lumenrose Hoops regularly for some time. I was itching to make a pair so here they are
green turquoise and silver hoop earrings
These simple offerings are pieces that I hope might become your go-to jewels. If you are looking for big and bold pieces, check back later this month. I have so much in progress on my workbench. Please sign up for the email list to be notified about the exact date and time when new work becomes available. If you like blue turquoise, this next batch is definitely for you.
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