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I just discovered v-neck t-shirts this summer. Where have they been all my life? They are so comfortable, they tuck in perfectly to a pair of high-waisted shorts, and they keep your shoulders from getting sunburned here in Tucson where it's still in the 90's. So that's all I'm wearing these days, and here are a bunch of necklaces that look great with them (click the links for the available items):


v-neck t shirt with a statement necklace

Necklace available in person at the Flagstaff Urban Flea Market on Oct 12

Large Silver Wishbone Earrings always available made-to-order


three-stone turquoise necklace


statement floral necklace with a v-neck tee

Big Beauty Arizona Poppy Necklace with Carnelian + 18K gold


floral statement necklace with pink sapphire

Big Beauty Flagstaff Penstemon Necklace with Pink Sapphire


dainty gold and turquoise necklace

Sonoran Gold Dainty Turquoise Necklace in 14k Goldfill

with 2.5" Hammered Gold Hoops


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