The Flair Collection

As the holiday craft show season approaches, I've been working on some new designs. The Flair Collection is an assortment of mid-length dangle earrings and striking pendants all with an organic "flair" of silver around the edges. I love the technique of adding line stamps around a stone. I usually make an even border around the stone setting, however this collection follows the natural, asymmetrical flair of the line stamps as they hug the bezel. 
.collection of turquoise necklaces with silver flair design
sierra nevada turquoise dangle earring
I am excited to present these new pieces at my first craft show of the season in Tucson, the Made in Tucson Market on Dec 1 from 10am to dusk. Click the link for all the info! I will be sure to have some of these designs in my last shop update of 2019, which will take place on Dec 14, time TBD.
royston turquoise necklace with silver flair bezel

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