A little Sleeping Beauty turquoise for you

Sleeping beauty turquoise hoops
The Sleeping Beauty turquoise and 14k goldfill hoops are a lovely, rich color combo. Sleeping Beauty turquoise comes from Arizona, east of Phoenix. These particular cabochons are free form, meaning the stone has the natural contours of the turquoise nugget. This is one of the last chances to snag a pair of gold Lumenrose Hoops, since in the new year I will be cutting back on my use of goldfill in favor of selective use of full karat gold. (I will always work with silver though)
Sleeping beauty turquoise hoops.
If hoops aren’t your thing, but you like this particular turquoise, these sweet geometric Sleeping Beauty dangle earrings are also in the shop. Half moons of silver and just the right amount of movement make these earrings great paired with anything from a winter sweater to a summer tank top. 
Turquoise geometric dangles .
Turquoise half moon earrings
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