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ring sizer

ring sizer

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Don’t know your ring size? One of these handy sizers will help you figure it out. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW.

When determining your size with the sizer, make sure it is not too tight against your finger. You should still be able to slip the sizer over your knuckle. If you feel like you are between sizes, you probably are! This sizer does not have a line for quarter sizes, but it is common to make rings in quarter sizes, so use this sizer as a best guess in that case.

Also please know that if you are trying on an actual ring that is a very thin band you may be a half to a quarter size smaller than what the sizer tells you. Conversely if you are trying on a very wide band, you may need to size up. For example if the sizer tells you you wear size 7 on a particular finger and you are considering a dainty 1mm stacking ring, you will likely also fit a size 6.75. If you are considering a wide 3/8” band, you may need a 7.25 or 7.5. It all has to do with how much friction is between the band and your finger. A very skinny band will slide easily since there’s little contact area between your skin and the metal, therefore it will feel looser. A very wide band has more metal in contact with the skin so you will need it to be bigger to feel like there is room for movement. There is personal preference as well, so take into account whether you like your rings very snug or if you tolerate looser rings, and consider how much/whether your fingers tend to swell. If at all possible, bring a ring that fits you and that you currently own to be measured at a jewelry store to confirm your size! 

Please email if you have any questions! I do NOT offer resizing on most Lumenrose rings, so I want to best help you figure out your size before purchasing. 


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