A necklace for the mountains

Flagstaff was the first place I moved in Arizona. The town is nestled beneath the San Francisco Peaks mountains. The skyline of this beloved range will always be close to my heart. Four years of being able to see these mountains from almost anywhere in town, noticing and looking forward to the seasonal color changes that sweep across its face, and exploring trails throughout its wilderness really imprinted this place in my memory. 


flagstaff san francisco peaks


I have made 3 slots available for pre-ordering this necklace. It's a lovely horizontal bar-style, made of all recycled silver, hand-sawn and hand-pierced. A piece of jewelry for every mountain-lover, Flagstaff and beyond. 


silver mountain bar necklace

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I am interested in the San Francisco parks necklace. Can you send me information?


How much is this mountain bar necklace? Thank you


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