A personal announcement :)

In addition to teeny tiny stones, I have been working on a teeny tiny human the last 29 weeks!
It's about time to share this news, since the little Wombat may decide to come early. It's been and continues to be a learning journey, this pregnancy. Both intensely internal and personal, as well as being an overwhelming external journey through various healthcare institutions. I am keeping the details to my family and close friends, but there are complications that have lead to many more appointments than in a "normal" pregnancy and they are only ramping up from here on out. I am ever so grateful for the folks who have checked in with me and been invaluable supports, even from afar. 
Shout out to anyone navigating pregnancy during a pandemic! I will say that it's been lonely when partners are not allowed into appointments. Coupled with living an hour and half from where I receive care, each trip to Tucson essentially takes an entire day out of my work week by the time I factor in a nap after all the driving. And in general I'm just moving way more slowly. It's hard to get going in the mornings, which usually are my favorite time of day. With random chores, food prep, calling to set up doctor appointments, exercise, a nap, a zoom meeting... the day suddenly goes by and it's dinner time and I've only had a couple hours at the bench. There's just no way I can pull late night jewelry sessions these days so it is what it is, I get done what I can. 
Meanwhile we (well, Ben mostly) have been getting a straw bale studio underway so that Lumenrose Jewelry can move in to its own proper space, hopefully before the baby arrives. This will allow us to reclaim the bedroom, which is where I have been working. (Sleeping in a 4 foot tall storage loft is getting a little hard these days with inevitable middle of the night bathroom trips). I'll share more of the straw bale building process as we go and there are already a few photos on my Instagram highlights
What a time of change: in my body, in Ben's and my life, in the world's health and social consciousness. With the events of the last few months I've been deeply moved to commit to bringing anti-racism work into my life in a consistent, sustainable way. It feels critical, knowing that I will be raising a child in this world. So many things "out there" are beyond our control including the physiological process of pregnancy, but doing my best to show up and learn so I can be a more informed parent is certainly within my ability. Taking it one day at a time, accepting that sometimes it's nap time, and feeling all kinds of grateful for the littlest things like a sunset or ice cream are the tangible things I'm focusing on while what's actually happening inside me feels like such an unfolding mystery.
What is not a mystery however, is that we are so excited to meet this little person. 
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Thanks for sharing your personal life update with your fans! Wishing you easy days, long naps and lots of ice cream. Blessings on your journey!


I’m keeping you and Ben in my thoughts – thoughts for inside you and outside us all. xo

Rita Held Cartalano

Liebste Erika,
ich habe von Deiner Mutter erfahren, dass Du schwanger bist: sie hat mir auch die Adresse von diesem Blog gegeben! Ich halte Dich nicht mehr auf: nur will ich Dir und Deinem kleinen Wesen alles, alles gute Wünschen, und hoffe, dass alles gut geht! Ich hoffe, Du verstehst noch Deutsch!
Viele, lieben Grüsse von “Frau Nancy”!!:)

nancy grabow

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