Delicate adornment

dainty turquoise stacking ring
There are a few daintiest of adornments in the online shop right now. Something about tiny things has always appealed to me. I used to love doll houses with their miniature furniture. I collected tiny, handmade fruits because they just tickled me. I wonder where those went...I also adored Polly Pockets. Anyone remember those? I know for a fact where those are--my mom is storing them safely in her closet :)
Dainty things can be simple, sweet, subtle. Like this little Royston Turquoise stacker, which also happens to be quite small. Just right for the little-fingered ladies out there. (But look for more, larger sized turquoise stackers in this month's shop update!) It would pair nicely with this dainty Sierra Nevada Turquoise necklace, just sayin'.
small turquoise and silver necklace pendant

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