Reflections on 2019 and a look back at some of my favorite pieces of jewelry

I was recently looking through a spreadsheet I use to track and price each piece of jewelry I make. According to the left hand column I have made over 300 items in 2019. Wow. And that’s not including the dozens more I have made for wholesale orders. This year has been great for Lumenrose Jewelry. This little business keeps growing and improving in lots of steady, if small ways. I actually love the business side of things, well at least most of the business side, and I feel privileged to be able to make decisions and changes exactly how I see fit. Of course I am responsible for every outcome of these decisions too and sometimes it’s a lot to figure out. There’s so, so much more to all this small business stuff than just working at my bench with silver and turquoise...but you’re here for the jewels so here’s a few of my favorite things from the bench in 2019


Arizona poppy inspired necklaces

Arizona Poppy-inspired necklaces. Hands down some of my favorite pieces to date. They might make a come back!


Turquoise ring collection

Copper bezeled rings with double layered silver and Cheyenne turquoise. What a lovely bunch this collection was.


Druzy floral dangle earrings
These were definitely different from my usual style. They got that balance tho, of angles and curves, smooth and textured, studs yet dangles.


Lavender plume agate cuff
My first split band cuff. A totally unique lavender plume agate stone gave this one such a magical feel. 

Layered and layered big beauty ring with aquamarine

Basically the most badass ring I have ever made. I made it as my project in a class taught by Jessica Jordan Cote aka Rosy Revolver. She is the master of this layered “Cut and Paste” style. Needless to say it changed the course of my work forever. 

Cheyenne turquoise layered floral cuff

Ok, truly the most complex piece I’ve ever made. So many shapes and layers and the high grade Cheyenne turquoise stone, well, I’m drooling over it right now as I write this. This cuff is available

Poseidon Variscite ring
If you haven’t heard me profess my love for Poseidon Variscite, the stone in this ring, then I’m saying it now: I love Poseidon Variscite. I see peaceful emerald pools and the dreamiest of dreams. This little ring really stole my heart.

I’ll stop there for now. Thank you for being a part of my 2019! If you’d like to see anything specific in 2020, please comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page. The last release of new items this year will happen on Saturday, Dec 14 at 4pm MST right here.

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