Some favorites of 2020

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite pieces of 2020. Sometimes the criteria for what I love in a piece is the process it took to make it, sometimes it’s that I love the stone, sometimes I love the design, sometimes all three. Here we go.
Here is one of the last pairs of earrings I finished this year. I call this style “Cutie Stamped Earrings” and almost every pair has a one of a kind design. This pair’s super simple flower petal design just really made me happy.
Silver floral earrings
This necklace has such a substantial feel to it. It’s not often I make straight angles in my work, but I love the mix of the curved teardrop and all the line stamping. This is the inspiration for what will hopefully be the first collection I make in 2021.
Bamboo mountain turquoise teardrop necklace
I love the thick bezel that fit this stone so perfectly it is held in by tension alone. I love the ethereal agate with the wind-blown feel. I love this photograph.
Dendritic agate ring
Goodness, I just swoon when I see this ring. Every solder joint is smooth as butter, the vine is so delicate and the shine of the goldfill bezel is luscious. Really wish I had made this one in my size.
Sonoran gold turquoise vine ring
The Orion Variscite in this ring just glowed. Pretty much wish I kept this one too for myself ;)
Variscite ring
This fun pair of stud earrings came about with little silver scraps laying on my bench. I wanted to make studs that felt like a bouquet, an array of components arranged in an appealing way. I adore the lavender turquoise too.
Lavender stud earrings
Something about the sturdiness of a cuff just feels great- to make and to wear. The large statement Variscite setting sat beautifully atop an open band to create a contrast of solid and lightweight.
Variscite cuff bracelet
Looks like rings and earrings made the favorite list the most year. Those are my favorite styles to make. But look for more necklaces in the first collection of 2021, some time in February. Thanks for all the love you show this little business. Because of your support I get to keep making what will hopefully be your (and my) new favorite pieces! 
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