Celestial rings of the night sky.

Rings of the night sky. I think they speak for themselves. 
If you're curious about the stones, which are called Glacierite, head to this blog post. But just look at the rich blues. I apologize that the photos are not the best quality. This very basic blog on my website seems to blur all photos, no matter how I upload them.
I spent particularly painstaking hours on these. There are little cutouts on each bezel to show the color fade of the stones. The prongs required careful preparation and setting. The bands are hand-stamped and fabricated from sheet. 
I know I keep posting about these and they are still not listed in the shop. I will be getting everything ready to upload in the coming week. I have a necklace and a couple pairs of earrings to finish and the latest collection will be complete. I appreciate your patience. Adding new items to the shop, particularly in a large shop update format is so much work. There are hundreds of photos to edit, prices to set, descriptions to write, emails to send, blah blah blah. If you are have a particularly strong opinion about shop updates, I really want to hear it! I know some folks like knowing a date and time to check out new work. I know it stresses out others. From my side of things, I want to show you all the new jewelry at one time so you if you do feel called to a piece, you can make your decision knowing that what you see right now is what is available, rather than wondering if more items will be listed in the coming days that you might actually like better. It would be nice to split up all the computer work and simply add things to the shop as they are done. I do this sometimes. But for this body of work I have been toiling away at for about 2 months, it feels right to release it as a cohesive batch. 
Check back soon for the official shop update details!
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