Welcome to the new website + some thoughts

Welcome to a refreshed-looking Lumenrose website! 

New logo, new colors, snazzy layout, heeeeey!

This has been in the works for quite some months and I am excited to finally launch it to the world. Let me know what you think!

Speaking of the world...as this little business is very much intertwined and linked to me, Erika, as a person, I cannot go without saying some things about the events in the world right now. If this is not what you're here for, you are free to leave. These are my statements. I can't seem to form thoughts into much more than this. May we be able to hold humanity at the forefront.

It is heartbreaking and repulsive to fathom the loss and violation that happened in Israel on October 7th. I hope wholeheartedly that the hostages will return home and that their plight is not lost in the whirlwind of media coverage. I cannot even imagine how horrific this is for their loved ones. 

A part of me can understand Israel's fierce military response to Hamas because of the terror Oct 7th caused. Any country would immediately employ force to protect its citizens from further harm. Another part of me wants to scream Why must violence always be met with more violence?? 

What if women were running the world? Just sayin'. Just imagining. 

As a human and a mother it is excruciating to bear witness to the pain and suffering of the people and children of Gaza. 

Ceasefire now. Over 10,000 Palestinians are dead. Call your representatives and the Whitehouse  Call often. Write often. It's a numbers game. The more calls and emails, the more pressure builds and the more aware the elected officials are of what their constituents want. 

We need more of this kind of work in the world: Here's an organization that joins Israelis and Palestinians who want peace and promotes conversations and action around equality and independence: Standing Together.

Here's an article that's the best thing I've read in a little while about the struggle I feel and that I'm sure many of you feel as well in regards to the strong hold social media has on us in times of upheaval, specifically in regards to what's happening in Gaza. Read writer Neema Githere Siphone's words  here.

I have and will continue to donate to Lifting Hands International. LHI is based in Utah and supports refugees and displaced persons in various conflict-ridden areas, including Gaza right now. They are a smaller operation than many of the big name organizations out there and very transparent with how they work. I will also be donating to Anera, an organization bringing in aid to Gazans with a long history of working in Palestine.

Let's center each other's humanity above all else. Take it to the level of your neighborhood, your family, your community, your parenting. I fear becoming numb and I feel it happening to myself. We cannot look away- from Gaza and Israel, from gun violence, from police brutality, from so much...I deeply feel and understand we need to take breaks and care for ourselves. Stopping our lives or livelihoods doesn't do anyone any good. Yet we cannot be silent. Even if it's just conversation amongst our closest people, there's value in acknowledging what is going on and having dialogue about what can be done. I'm here for that. I'm trying not to shy away from that. 

With love, tenderness and solidarity,



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I’m in awe of your articulation of what is swirling through our minds, the media, and so easily pushed aside because we are not ‘there’ as we go through our daily life. Thank you for being thoughtful and making the effort to share.

Rosemary T Mark

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