A new year note

A little hello to you in 2022!

I am not one for new year's resolutions per say, but this year my intention is to
take the time.

What this means to me is take the time to:

~Appreciate what I am doing in the moment~
~BE with my daughter fully~
~Pay attention more to my natural surroundings~

~Slow down and allow inefficiency and 

Looking back over 2021 I kept thinking "Wow, how did I make all that?". AND I kept thinking "Sheesh, I hardly made anything compared to prior years.". In 2021 there was zero predictability around when I could make it to the bench to work, zero full nights of sleep and just a whole lotta getting used to the insanely quick changes my baby was going through. In spite of all that I do have some celebrations from last year. These are some things I consider my Lumenrose accomplishments of 2021:

A new stockist in Michigan, the incredible Artisan's Bench.
I created and sent my largest wholesale collection to date to this shop. The owner and manager have impeccable jewelry taste and it is an honor to have my work sold there alongside some of my personal metalsmith heroes. 
I managed to have shop updates approximately every other month, even if it was just a handful of new pieces.
I learned how to use a new torch system.
After procrastinating for over 6 months as my new torch sat in a box in the corner, I finally switched from my old acetylene Smith Silversmith torch to the oxy/propane Smith Little Torch. I am still getting used to it months later (goddamn, it is HOT), but the flame control is much more refined on the Little torch so I can work with more precision. 
I began working with a little 14k full karat gold!
I reached over 10k followers on Instagram.
I am not sure how much of an accomplishment this is, as I think I just happened to land in the good part of the algorithm for a few weeks. I am now back to 0-1 new followers a day, so yeah....
I came up with a new design that I really, really love.
The Forever Unfurling Collection was the first new design series I'd made since the 2019 Big Beauty pieces that felt truly exploratory and fresh. I am really pleased with the aesthetic and personal meaning of the Forever Unfurling earrings. Look for more in this vein in 2022.


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