Working with my hands

Hands holding turquoise half moon earrings

Many years ago, at a crossroads in my working life, one of the only things that seemed clear to me was that I loved working with my hands. In spite of my undergraduate degree in Social Welfare, I’ve always felt most grounded using my body in my work.



Time went on and I worked in an assortment of jobs: leading trail crews, art modeling, massage therapy, working with kids in a behavioral health context, back to trail crews... 



Throughout all these varied, sometimes seasonal jobs, I made jewelry. I had taken silversmithing classes shortly after college and in every place I lived I made sure to set up my workbench. 


Jewelry bench and cat


To make a long story very short, in 2017 it made sense in all sorts of ways to make the shift to full time silversmith and business owner. In spite of all the time spent off the bench to make this venture work, I’m always excited to sit down and craft— with my hands and my tools— the ideas in my head into art you can wear. Like the earrings below :)


Turquoise crescent earrings



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