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blue gem turquoise bolo tie

blue gem turquoise bolo tie

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Measurements:  Pendant is approximately 1" wide by 1 1/4" tall. Leather cord is 38.5" long including the sterling tips. 

The bolo tie. This one has a gorgeous, glowing cut of relatively rare and natural Blue Gem turquoise from Nevada framed with a starburst of hand stamped details. For the lovers of quality, blue turquoise, this is for you. Bolo ties wear well with the traditional collared shirt, or they can be styled to your liking over any shirt! The stone setting slides up and down the leather cords to adjust and to slip on and off. The tips are hand-formed. Made of sterling silver, copper and natural leather. 

Bolo tie comes in a hand-sewn drawstring gift bag made out of repurposed fabrics or an eco-friendly gift box.

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