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dendritic agate + fire moonstone necklace #1

dendritic agate + fire moonstone necklace #1

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Dendritic agate is a fascinating formation of inorganic parts of iron or manganese that crystallized inside the agate structure into fine branching patterns. These stones have a peaceful energy to them with their somewhat botanical appearance and opaque to misty colors. This teardrop in particular has crisp black branching with a unique orange tint. Paired with a shimmering, faceted fire moonstone, this combo is actually 🔥. Made of sterling silver with a rustic patina. The edges of the pendant are "raw"-- the texture left by the saw has been intentionally left to add some personality.

Measurements: Pendant is 1 1/4" tall by 5/8" wide. 3 layer chain is 17" long.

Plant-dyed silk neck scarf I'm wearing is made by Elana Bloom Studio.

Necklace comes in a hand-sewn drawstring gift bag made out of repurposed fabrics or an eco-friendly gift box.

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