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narmada river dendritic agate ring - size 7

narmada river dendritic agate ring - size 7

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Measurements: The stone setting is 5/8" wide by 2 cm tall, the band tapers from 1/4" wide to 1/8". 

A semi translucent Narmada River Dendritic Agate stone is framed with a thick bezel and a sturdy, tapering ring band. The fern-like inclusions, actually formations of iron or manganese oxide, invoke a kind of stillness and sense of floating. Every detail in this piece was intentional, every saw mark left in place on purpose.

Please wear with as much care as I put into making this. Some pieces just require a little extra awareness. This is not your knock around forget-that-it's-on kind of jewelry. <3

Made of recycled silver.

Necklace comes in an eco-friendly gift box.

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