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narmada river dendritic agate simple oval necklace

narmada river dendritic agate simple oval necklace

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Measurements: The pendant is 7/8" wide by 5/8" tall. Chain is 17" long. 

A semi translucent Narmada River Dendritic Agate stone is framed with a thick bezel and hand-sawn dendrite prongs. The fern-like inclusions, actually formations of iron or manganese oxide, invoke a kind of stillness and sense of floating. Every detail in this piece was intentional, every saw mark left in place on purpose. The open back allows light to illuminate the stone. 

Please wear with as much care as I put into making this. Some pieces just require a little extra awareness. This is not your knock around forget-that-it's-on kind of jewelry. The prongs are somewhat delicate and can catch on things due to their irregular surface. <3

Made of recycled silver, except the chain.

Necklace comes in an eco-friendly gift box.

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