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OF THE EARTH powerful + peaceful necklace

OF THE EARTH powerful + peaceful necklace

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EXQUISITE EARTH: a collection of jewelry inspired by and made with stones that capture the colors, shapes, shades and essence of things earthly: soil, trees, gems, leaves...Also an ode to Earth's awesome ability to create these beautiful materials.

Measurements:  Pendant is approximately 1 1/8" wide by 2" tall. Chain can be clasped at 25" or 28" inches.

Three stones of different origin come together in their shared Earthly colors. It is amazing to ponder that these each formed deep in rock underground. They are, quite literally of the Earth. Chosen for their complimenting shades of brown and green, these stones also present a pleasing juxtaposition of shapes. Silver leaves fan out as would leaves or sprouts from the earth. The bottom oval will dangle and move when worn. This necklace feels powerful yet peaceful. Made of sterling silver with a rustic patina, and from top to bottom: Royston turquoise from Nevada, natural and rare Wild Horse turquoise from China and Cheyenne turquoise from Nevada.

Necklace comes in a hand-sewn drawstring gift bag made out of repurposed fabrics or an eco-friendly gift box.

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