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square ombre royston turquoise cuff

square ombre royston turquoise cuff

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Measurements: Inner cuff length is approximately 5" with a 1" opening. Cuff is 7/16" wide. Stone setting is 5/8" wide by 9/16" tall. Slightly adjustable upon first wearing to get the proper fit. Never open and close a cuff each time you put it on as the silver may weaken and crack over time. 

This ombre Royston stone has a softness to it that contrasts nicely with the square angles. The cuff itself has a low domed shape to it with stamping details. Made of sterling silver. Royston Turquoise is from Nevada. I purchased this stone directly from the family who mines and cuts it.

*To determine if this will fit, measure the circumference of your wrist at the point you would wear the bracelet. Then, add the cuff length measurement plus the opening amount written above, and if your wrist measurement is about the same as that total, then the cuff should fit. 

Cuff comes in a hand-sewn drawstring gift bag made out of repurposed fabrics or an eco-friendly gift box.

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