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the texture ring with pale green sapphire - size 7

the texture ring with pale green sapphire - size 7

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This ring is all about texture. Created with the sand casting process, it has a rustic finish that highlights all the irregularities of the sand it was made in. I press a ring pattern into a special kind of densely packed sand contained in a mold meant for casting metal. Then I melt down scrap in a crucible and pour it into the mold. The metal fills the void the pattern left in the sand and we have a ring! If it works...half the time the pour fails and I have to start all over and make the mold again. This is still a new-ish process for me, but I am getting the hang of it. For this particular ring, set a tiny pale green, ethically-sourced Malawi sapphire. It appears pretty clear, with a hint of green in the right light. 

Made of reclaimed sterling silver.  

Measurements: Ring fits size 7.

Ring comes in a hand-sewn drawstring gift bag made out of repurposed fabrics or an eco-friendly gift box.

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