A couple custom order slots are now open

For a long time I wasn't offering custom orders. That changed earlier this year. I have made a handful of custom pieces since January (including the set in the pic below) and I was reminded of how fun it is to make the particular piece(s) of jewelry a customer has been wanting, so I am offering a couple custom slots this month.
landscape jasper earring and necklace set
Custom orders can take a lot of time to coordinate. They can also lead to exploration of design avenues that I alone wouldn't normally consider. When I receive a request for something slightly beyond my typical design habits, it's like a whole new world opens up. That's not to say I will suddenly become a goldsmith and work with diamonds. No, that's not me. But when someone requests a mountain scene overlayed onto a ring, or a matching earring/necklace set with a particular stamped design, it's a welcome puzzle to put together.
So head over to the online shop where there are TWO Custom Order slots available. I may make more slots open towards the end of the month. 
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